Who's Got my Mind?

The master sat gazing over his mountain pass. His temple perched above the town below, amidst snow and jagged stone. Though the cold bothered him not. Once a gardener, he was the new master, and was becoming old once more, just like his own teacher. He sat ever gracefully, tending to a small personal rock garden. A young student, no more than thirteen, was walking up the steps for a question with the master. The master smiled kindly; he had seen this sight so many times before, the Tao in disguise drifting up the stairway. The student sat next to the master. Both said nothing for a long moment. The student's face was buried in worry, preoccupied with his own mind. The master only smiled at the cold.

"Master?" The student looked to the master with enormous eyes filled with youth and curiosity, bursting with a playful light.

"Yes Tzin Sue?" The master turned his peaceful gaze over to the student.

"Please, help me to get my mind back, I have lost it! I cannot find my thoughts, and I lose sight of the Buddha Nature, the tathata." The master puzzled for a short moment, and shouted, a sound like the ringing of an enourmous bell.

"Who has stolen your mind?"....

"Well, no one, master..." And Tzin Sue was enlightened.

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