Voice of the Self

The pieces of the whole are each the whole themselves. There is no true distinction between one piece of the puzzle and the picture, for each implies the other. The Universal law is just this:

All things are themselves; in being themselves they are each other. That is all.

Apply this to all life and you will quickly see that this is the strange game of the Universe; and that understanding why or how it is this way, is man's greatest endeavour.

To understand is to see the world through the lens of wisdom.

To know is to remember that which we are taught beyond the confines of death.

It is the middle position which allows one to see; the neutral is the inside, the neutral is the outside, even the most extreme man is made mild in the face of himself, for he may see this self which is not him on other men.

To be complete, seek good company; they are reflections with just enough difference.

Do not sit idly.

Do not rush ahead.

Do not preach moderation.

Do not preach extremity.

Preach of love and hate, of life and death, good and evil, for these truths are false, and remain falsely true.

So long as we choose to be blind, we will be blind.

So long as we choose to be visionary, we will be so.

So long as we choose nothing, there will be nothing.

So long as we choose something, there will be something.

Do not confuse God and men, for men are God, and their voices echo in one word. All things good are Godly, so too are all things good created by men.

Be what is, and you will be what will be.

Be what was, and you will be what will be.

Be what will be, and you will be all things.

That is all.

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