Trials of Modern Technology

When you look upon the streets of any large city, what can you observe about its people? Almost every single person, young and old has some form of technology attached to them. Earbuds, phones, smart watches and all manner of device have slowly begun to creep their way into our lives. The affects of the virtual world, on the perception of the self and of the real world are all too notable. The retreat into technology has become so widespread, and so ingrained in our society that it has become an extension of the mind. Well, everything is an extension of the mind, but technology is different. The more advanced it becomes, the more I can see human nature within it. The illusion of separateness is so prominent in our lives; that we have begun to in-distinguish ourselves from the screens we keep. The reality that is virtual, is still indeed part of reality, and is extremely useful and fun when used correctly; but it is a mistake to think it is more than virtual. The allure of the kind of technology we see in video games especially; is the fact that it is not real, but unlike regular life we don't forget that it's not real. It is just real enough that we can lose ourselves in it, and forget about all the suffering that comes with real life. This is why I believe we must be very careful of what we decide to do with this kind of technology. More and more people, including myself fall victim to its ecstatic trickery. There is nothing wrong in particular with them, but a balance must be maintained in order for there to be some semblance of interaction with reality.

I believe the retreat into technology, is a prevention or distraction from one of the greatest joys in life: introspection. Discovering one's own self, and what lies in waiting beneath the surface of the ego; is as I have found to be extremely important. Revealing truths about the self, sheds light on truths about the world around us; because the more on can discover one's self the freer they can be to uncover the mysteries of the material world.

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