The Non-Dual Man.

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Learned is he who suffers, for only in suffering can bliss be learned.

He who truly suffers can make bliss out of a blade of grass, though he is saddened in doing so; for he has no better cause for joy. Closed in by beasts of the heart, and in suffering their onslaught he learns; learns to be ready for the path not often travelled.

A suffering man is one sought after, for those who have no reason to, seek to suffer above all else; and fellow sufferers seek companions to share the load. Though suffering should not be shared without caution or love; it should instead be carried on strong and upright shoulders.

Few are sufferers who hold pride in their suffering, for to be human to die slowly, and to suffer all of life in between. The man who is capable of suffering and not being eaten by it, instead having the will to contend with the rain, and with God; is the most human hearted there is. No shame is there in seeking what is true and meaningful; there is only shame in willful blindness, and willful meaninglessness.

The non-dual man man calls to those who suffer; for it is through his nature that peace may be founding a war of worlds. The man who is willing to seek no comfort in the past or future; unless through the present, is non-dual. The man who takes no belief in the structure he creates, but instead has faith in the fact it is the transient and does not exist, is non-dual. The man who walks with the earth and not on it; who dreams not of but with himself, is non-dual. And so he suffers, for the man who suffers wholeheartedly finds wholehearted pleasure in something as simple as rain. He who chooses to suffer and becomes it, chooses to be blissful, and becomes it. Thus, he is non-dual.

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