The Flip Flop Nature of Things

No matter how hard we try to get life to stay in one, stable, ample, and Edenic place; it always finds a way, whether by chance or by determined action, to get itself mixed up again. The opposites become their opposites, the pendulum swings, and it is no one but the one who attempts to keep it still that encourages its motion. This cycle of moving thought is a frustrating one, and there are few who can ever get a handle on it. To think about thinking about thinking; the nature of thought is endless as much as anything else, but is finite because of it. All absolute conclusions hold the truth of their opposites within them; in a sense, all statements of absolutes prove their opposites to be true. This paradoxical truth is key to peering into the depths of one's mind, and finding the mysteries that lay therein. This key play of opposites is best shown by the strange nature of the statement: "There is no such thing as truth." It is common enough to hear people throw around absolutes such as these and rather funnily, continue to call them truth. But to the sharp eye, any statement such as this disproves itself. The statement in of itself of "there is no such thing as truth" would have to be false in order for the premise it explains to be true. Thus, it disproves itself, for in order for there to be no truth, the very idea of postulating that there can't be truth, must be true. So then the entire philosophical pursuit of finding the nature of truth becomes rather flaccid, for even its existence comes down to a matter of natural will. "All things are true" or "Nothing is true", are really the same statements; both are disguised as something other than that which they are, and that is a subjective opinion.

In our culture, we get hopelessly confused with what is objective truth, and what is subjective opinion; for, like the statements above, both of these concepts are truly one in the same under different guises. But even to say that "all things are the same" begets its own paradox, for if all things are the same, they must still be different in order for one to know that they were the same at all. So you see, the thinker becomes trapped in this ongoing wheel of thoughts, often unaware that he is imprisoned. The significance of this paradoxical nature of things is not restrained to metaphysics however, but applies to all aspects of life, both material and psychological. When we encounter someone who angers us, it is not truly the person in of themselves that makes us angry, but rather that they reveal something within ourselves that we don't like. The phrase "I don't like who I am when I'm around you" sums up this phenomenon adequately. So indeed the same applies to almost all opinions that one has that are absolutes, for only too often do people say one thing, but act in a way that is their statements' complete opposite. None believes what they say, they believe instead what they do. This is an uncomfortable reality for many, for to be inconsistent with oneself is viewed as unvirtuous in our culture; and I would tend to agree, for if one cannot keep their thoughts aligned with their actions, they play a devious game of pleasurable self-deception. It is not the inadequacies of others that anger us, but often an unconscious or repressed inadequacy of our own that makes us feel negatively towards anyone. Find the inadequacy in yourself, and there will be no need for resentment, anger, or hate, instead there will be only understanding, and only through understanding can there be peace (that is, if you want peace). But see now that even the exposure of this sort of paradox remains paradoxical; for in order for there to be peace there must be war, and in order for there to be understanding there must be misunderstanding. The infinite paradoxes that make up our world are not there so that we may pick a side, they are there so that we may see the obvious foolery with which we deceive ourselves, and how we may become better by their exposure; whatever better may mean for us individually.

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