The Family of Faith

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Hope breathes life;

Its brother despair, readies his knife;

Faith sees his children with a laugh in his eye;

and his wife, mystery, claims all when they die.

Dream on in sweet slumber, for tomorrow drinks from his cup anew;

seeing happily, that he is you.

Yesterday eyes tomorrow with food of falsehood, for he is comfortable,

and tomorrow sits, untouchable.

I sit amidst this family of mine, only to see;

I am all that could be.

And what is to find,

that which can give and take; kill and live?

I never lost it, and never found it.

The family where they sit, sing their hymn;

Breathe and die, flow or stay, stand or sit;

But either get off the pot or shit. :)

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