The Dream

The dream blazes with untouchable light,

scaring away the stupid in the night;

Blind to it are the intelligent,

deaf to it are the wise;

The reason of man brings its demise.

Breathing the dream, leavening the dough, plowing the fields;

rain and snow falling on my hat as I come walking,

snow and wind fearing nothing as a twinkle in my comes winking,

My eye watches my eye, unblinking.

The dream burns with a loving flame,

laying waste to favour and fame;

Blind to it are the virtuous,

deaf to it are the holy, and the sinner;

For the dreaming is nothing, forever growing.

Music drowns the song,

Art hides the sight,

The sword kills the fight.

The dream blows with the cold wind;

stoning, peopling, dreaming, Universing.

Bring me my dream, the thinking of breathing,

the knowing of unknowing;

The cold of the flame,

The stone of the mind;

All circling to showing me,

I am what is finding,

And I am dreaming my dreaming.

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