Streets of Gold

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

I walk in the streets of gold,

my flesh matching the steel and silver cold

The earth turns to ash and wind,

the trees to a shining cage,

full of strangers, all blindingly afraid,

of idle hands and insightful souls

How we love to burn the world of old

The sheen of greed splits our hands,

calloused and bruised,

we build the roads of gold

Yet for all their shine and weight,

they lead to nothing and they mean nothing but fear and eyes closed

Nothing lives but for our reflection on the streets of fire,

how is it that we are the objects of our desire?

Empty smiles and hollow eyes creep, ever further from the secret we keep

No matter how lusting for gold,

he who is alive does love,

for it staves off his steel and silver cold.

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