You have seen them I'm sure,

The men who present wisdom,

Who call us all to faith.

Faith in them?

Faith in ourselves?

I ask them, does the wind have faith in the trees,

Does the ocean believe in the sky?

Words and words are speculative and useless.

Experience and vision are what lies at the heart of hearts.

For when I seek to explain that which cannot be explained,

I am no better than them, and no worse.

For I seek not

Look not.

Only thoughts and mind are looking and seeking, there is no such thing.

Blooms of shit have more meaning than the words of a wise man,

And so,

listen instead to fools,

For they in their folly,

Show the wise their wisdom.

And they in their wisdom,

Trick the wise into thought.

Words, words,

Meaningless, nothingness,

All words

A jumble of chatter besets me.

And when I look to find that which does not speak,

I know I am a fool,

For there is no one to see.

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