On the Course of Man.

It is very difficult to make any real predictions about the nature of the future. Because of its non-existent nature specifically; in the fact that the nature of the future is only conceptual, all speculation ever made should be taken with a grain of salt. It is the error of many beliefs (including science and religion, they are actually not so different) to put too much stock into their predictive devices. Whether by the unconscious connection to the IT possessed by the prophet, or the laws of science by which nature can be categorized and deduced; always nature has a funny way of fucking with people, and making sure to never end up the way we predict it.

This is because nature does not have an "end" or a "beginning", nature, by nature, is the eternal something or other that no one knows shit about. For the purposes of this essay, I will not elaborate further, but refrain and use only this statement: No one can ever predict something, because there is no something to predict.

Despite this, I feel I must jump on the bandwagon that all poets, psychologists and philosophers enjoy riding; speculation. For this reason I will seek to predict what may come in many years, or not so many years. I simply do not know.

I have a number of images that the internal world of man might resemble in coming years, the first is this:

The Corporate Dystopia.

The human soul will become corporatized. Bought and sold like dimes and cents a human soul will be hard to come by, and we will go to no end in searching for our deluded selves in the wretched pursuit of consumerism. There will be no notion of reality other than that which can be measured by the quality if one's superficial value, already we trend towards this path. We will be lost in screens and advertised soul seeking solutions, and we there will be no soul, only mind. We will become our image of ourselves, and lose the self in the process.

Mass False Enlightenment.

False knowledge and facts will reign supreme. The arrogance of the conscious mind's capacity for placing nature into a cage will become our ultimate fascination. The elimination of wisdom, in favour of the "light" of conscious thought will come to pass. We will be sub-human, devoid of all fear and fun.

Advancement Through AI

Artificial Intelligence will become the next step in the evolution of man. With consciousness suddenly made metal, there will be no notion of organic perfection or imperfection. Slowly we will lose the aspects of humanity and of nature, beauty, tragedy, death. They will all fall before the steel consciousness. No need for the individual will remain, for we will become the ultimate singular mind. All notion of humanity will be gone. Only the remnants of something beyond good and evil, something beyond nature will remain. Though this transcendence will be false. We will be no better than nature, as we have rejected it and become so human, that we do not resemble something grown, instead we will be something built. Humanity will become God, and become the creator and shaper of himself. But it will be false, for the elimination of nature is impossible, and we will fall into her clutches as all too human things do. The body is the mind, and the mind is the body, should our bodies become steel, so too will the mind resemble metal, cold and bare of all nature.

Self Destruction Through Pity.

There will come a time where man pities himself and his fellow man so much that he rejects all notion of humanity, for he will view it as cruel and unjust. He will believe only the unknown law of nature to be fair. So he will return to sub-humanity, or at least, less human than he is now. Any notion of "human" will be eliminated in the pursuit of absolute equality, the pursuit of nature. No notion of conscious thought will remain, for we will have chosen being swallowed by nature once again, in the comfort that we do not have to contend with her, but instead can give ourselves entirely to it. Instead of contending with nature, or any notion of morality, there will be only the great equalizer: chaos. Weakness and blissful unconscious thought will reign supreme. This is "true communism" .

Collective Acceptance of the Shadow.

We will all accept our own personal evil, and realize the capacity for evil in our hearts. This will lead to the discovery of our fool.

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