Forget Thy Name

Forget thy name.

Seek not to share your blame,

or hold others to shame.

Forget thy name.

Forget thy words.

Speak only the truth and you will find,

you walk among sheep and countless herds.

Forget thy wolf and lion, but be not overly kind,

For pity without truth is shame.

Forget thy words.

Forget thy wisdom.

Dream not of words of admiration for words of flow,

Seek not forbidden truths of the crow.

Look instead to be wind and water,

the soul and mind.

Burn hot thy soul's fire,

and forget thy wisdom.

Forget thine eyes,

for with them, not of them do you see.

Cold is the the man who cuts the world with his eyes,

and deeply does he seek to cut into thee.

Seek not thine eyes for you look not for me.

Forget thy grasping love

for only in seeking love will you lose it.

Your lover shows truth in their lies,

and lies in their truth.

Forget thy grasping love, and learn to let go in love.

Forget thy self,

for thy self cannot be known,

cannot be touched,

cannot be grown.

Forget thy self,

for it is the one thing eternally remembered.

Forget thy food,

for only the body may be fed,

remember instead the body, and your food will follow.

Forget thy world

for world is not,

life is not.

Remember the thoughtless, the world-less, and light will follow.

Forget thy world.

Forget thy music,

for silent winds sing to you,

and breathe the harmony of un-harmony.

Forget thy silence and music,

for the wind gently hums a tune.

We've but to forget, and listen.

Thus I forget, and shall one day on death's bed, shall I remember.

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