False Nobles and Thieves of Virtue.

I hear your prayers of vengeance, of release; begging "God" to release you from suffering for the sake of your stolen virtue. False Nobles I name you! I see you with true light, those who would be virtuous for the sake of praise and release from suffering, I have found you out! Redemption you seek, which is truly noble, but you seek not to redeem your soul, but instead your mind! Your ego grows to such proportions you have become pregnant with it! Instead you go about redemption as a thief does- you steal it away in the night and under tainted moonlight, you steal the gold of virtue and honey of a creative soul! Thieves of virtue I name you, those who have not the will to create their own soul and goodness through sin! You have not the courage to become a lion, so you don his clothes and seek to fool your fellow sheep! You who seek out virtue, as though she is a mistress to be courted, instead of creating your own! Virtue is shit when proclaimed by shit people and sheep, for the sheep are weak, and so wish to impose virtues of weakness on he who would become a lion! The will of a lion is stolen by thieving sheep, who would wish nothing more than to tame all lions, so that all could be as inadequate and wretched as them! And so they do not grow into lions themselves! Weak and cowardly I name us all, who have become thieves of the virtues created by others! He who is honestly human, and thus humanly unvirtuous is greater a man, and a saint compared to those who would pretend to be kind for the sake of reward! Better is the devil than the demon who pretends himself to be an angel! And better is the lion who kills sheep for food, than a sheep who poisons the lion's food out of vengeance, and dons his skin! To be chaste and innocent and faithful and pious, such shit I have never seen before, we have covered ourselves in the shit of lions in the hopes we might transform into them! Lazy and cowardly and filthy do I name those who are virtuous; those who would practice their thievery in front of all, but at home and among friends be the devil who says "thou shalt not steal"! Worse still are those who believe that their stoic silence speaks for them, out of hope of pity and recognition of their silence they refrain their words that might be of anger or lust! Cowards and nobles of virtue I name us all! A lion has no use for virtue, for he hunts not sheep, but a worthy prey; the bull of life! He hunts not with deceptive kindness and false discipline, but with wholehearted malice, and, indeed madness! Be not pitiful of your evil, for the greatest of good stems from the greatest of evil. Be instead ashamed, and thus seek to change and create that which you are ashamed of! Be not a thief and steal others virtue so that you may covet it, create it instead! And those lions who would prey on the sheep instead of the great raging bull of life, no better than dogs I name you! For you yourself and with mange, and should live far away from any lion or sheep! Worse still are the mosquitoes, those who suck the blood of the lion and proclaim his blood to be elixir of virtue, and drink deeply of it! Insects and parasites are you, those not strong enough to contend with lions, but still vengeful enough to draw their blood! And thieves most, thieves are all who are virtuous, and no better than sheep! He who preaches of his virtue is a blind man preaching to a deaf one, and he who has no time for such stupidity and eats of the flesh and blood of raging life instead is a lion! And evil he is too, for thus is his virtue; his deepest evil, for it allows him to bare his teeth, and feast on wholesome flesh! Create from your evils your virtues, and seek them not, for the sake being more evil still! Now begone! And return once you are evil enough to bear the weight of wisdom.

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