Doing Nothing

It is life's greatest skill to be able to make nothing into something. The best shows, pieces of art, poems, and stories always seem to be about exactly nothing, and the fact that despite there being nothing, human beings have the insatiable tendency to make something out of it. I find myself fond of the art of being and doing nothing, for it is only in this sort of emptiness where the human consciousness; in a sense God in of itself can create the world. When one tries to write about nothing, there is always something created. When one tries too hard to write about something, it always ends up being empty and meaningless. Thus the trick of any art is to pretend that there is a point to it so well, that one convinces himself of this points' reality. I use art as an analogy here, but this is indeed the art of living. To convince oneself that they matter, and to live out the pretenses of culture, family, and self, is the greatest joy there is; for it is the art of nothingness that gives us an infinite variety of people to share the world with, and billions of different ways to live our lives in the process. The greatest moments are; despite their initial meaninglessness, those which are banal in nature-which are simple enough to be enjoyable, but just interesting enough to capture the attention. The perspective of a child is a master at the art of doing nothing; for a child can truly be anything, anyone, and anything-his imagination still continues to create his world, with an honesty that destroys self deception at its root. Unfortunately however; for the Nihilists who read this, it is impossible to truly do nothing. For as soon as one tries to think of and do nothing, he is still doing nothing, and still thinking of nothing. In Zen, this is the base principle of the Koan. The art of being is a practice in paradox, which despite its seeming meaninglessness, is pregnant with potential. One cannot avoid that which they are, and that is not a particular thing, but a being- one who is an ing, an action, a process of existence. But process can only be the result of non-process, and vice versa, and so the dichotomy continues, in which all opposites prove their mutual opposite to be true. So then, in becoming nothing, one may become everything, and in becoming nothing, one inevitably becomes nothing. Going too far in one direction bring the traveler full circle, for the earth is round, and all journeys continue because they end.

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