I awake in the morning,

the cold clinging to my unawakened bones

Dew glistens in fleeting beauty,

I am alone

Skies of scarlet smile, I turn away

None to love nor be loved

On my throne I sit,

I am alone

I awake in the morning,

the red sky turns slowly grey,

the green grass everlastingly fades

The birds smile,

I turn away

I am alone

A cage of grim strength gilds my skin

All faces to grey, devoid of life, devoid of sin

The sweetest pains turn to pitiless pleasure,

how my strength and solitude I treasure

I am alone

I awake in the morning,

the dawn air eases my chest

Smile all you will my sweetest friend,

but the cold I have become

And as I sink into my throne of lifeless bones,

I am as I always have been,

tired and alone

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