All shall be gone.

All shall be gone.

Dreams and thoughts in passing, no memory of where they are from.

Trees and stone, water and fire; no whispers of whence they came.

Ideals and morals, great edifices of stone thought, all notions of fortune and fame.

Cling to me, myself, and I;

For it is my game to pretend the self is alive.

I have forgotten the songs of the water, and the voice of the wind;

and it smiles at me, I shall be gone in its grin.

Faith of the soul, anger of the hypocrite, all, and all, shall be gone;

No notion will there be, of where they came from.

And in days not yet alive they will see;

our greatness, how we stood, is delusional glee.

Fear not death, for he too shall flee,

with the ring of a foolish man's song.

When all shall be gone, who will be to blame?

None but us and the wind, for we are that which we wish upon,

All, forever, shall be gone.

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