A Dialogue Between Student and Teacher.

What does it take to feed a man?

A piece of bread

What takes it to make him happy?

The knowledge that he is unhappy

What will make him love another?

His love for himself

What will make a man fully present?

The Master laughed. Seeing that time is nothing

Am I fully present?

You can't be anything else

....But I feel as though I am not... What is presence?

The master laughed, and answered not

What is God?

Why do you think there is a God?

There must be some force of will beyond the human mind, is this not God?

The mind has no name, God is not that but that which God is

The student puzzled. What is my mind?

Why do you think you have a mind?

...Because I'm thinking right now, and feeling!

What gives you the notion that you HAVE a mind? That you are in possession of it ?Are you not your mind?

No..... Am I that which watches the mind?

Why are you asking me?

....Because you are the master, you must know!

The mind watches the mind. All is mind.

What is mind?

The Master raised his hand. It is the sound of one hand. And the student was enlightened.

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